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We'll help you power up your start-up with expert legal advice

At Buschkin Law Firm, we excel in assisting with business sales and purchases. Our expertise lies in working closely with your accountant to ensure tax efficiency and minimize liability exposure. We skillfully negotiate the most favorable terms for our clients, while also alerting them to any potential issues. Our commitment to building strong client relationships is a key factor in our ability to contribute to their growth and success.

Entity Formation:

Law firms can help start-ups select the appropriate legal structure, such as LLC, corporation, or partnership, based on factors like liability protection, tax implications, and ownership structure.

Intellectual Property Protection:

Start-ups often possess valuable intellectual property (IP) assets, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. A law firm can help with the process of registering and protecting these assets to prevent infringement and ensure exclusivity.

Contracts and Agreements:

Law firms can draft, review, and negotiate various contracts critical to start-ups, including customer agreements, vendor contracts, partnership agreements, employment contracts, and more. These documents help define the terms of business relationships and protect the interests of the start-up.

Funding and Investment:

For start-ups seeking funding, law firms can assist in preparing investment documents like term sheets and shareholder agreements, ensuring compliance with securities laws and regulations.

Regulatory Compliance:

Start-ups often operate in regulated industries. Law firms can guide them through the complex landscape of regulatory requirements, helping them stay compliant with laws related to data protection, consumer rights, industry-specific regulations, and more

Licensing and Regulatory Approvals:

Some start-ups require licenses or approvals to operate legally in certain industries. A law firm can help navigate the application process and ensure compliance.

Exit Strategies:

As start-ups grow, they may consider exit strategies like mergers, acquisitions, or IPOs. A law firm can provide guidance on the legal aspects of such transactions, ensuring a smooth transition and favorable terms.


If you are in the US or planning to come to the US and would like to schedule a consultation, let's connect.

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