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Principal Attorney
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Samuil Buschkin
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Samuil Buschkin is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor in 2005. He was born in Latvia when it was still the Soviet Republic and immigrated to Germany as a child. In his adopted hometown of Berlin, Germany, he grew up with people from various ethnic and national backgrounds. Later on Samuil studied in Montreux, Switzerland where again he was fortunate to work and study with people from all over the world. Samuil's mindset is truly international. At adult age, Samuil found himself first as a student in college and then as a cultural exchange program participant and later on as an immigrant in the NYC area. While he has still strong connections to his home in Berlin, Germany, he has since adopted New Jersey as his new home. He especially embraces the multitude of cultures and the variety of people in the NYC area and its many immigrant ethnic communities. 

Samuil earned a degree in hospitality management from Hotel Institute Montreux and New Hampshire College and has experience operating retail businesses, car rentals, hospitality establishments and understands contractual problems, vendor relations, employment relations, franchising, real estate acquisitions and commercial leasing from both a business and legal perspective.

Samuil is licensed in NY and NJ and is currently a member of the New York State Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyers' Association and the New Jersey State Bar association.

He believes in the following maxim: Value is measured in results.

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