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The terms and conditions of your franchise agreement (and all other relevant documents) will be reviewed with you. Some of the issues that should be considered include:

  • The length of the agreement and whether or not renewal is allowed are both important considerations when choosing an exclusive territory license;

  • Requirements (including deadlines) to open the franchise;

  • Refundability (or not) of the franchise fee;

  • The franchiser’s trademarks;

  • Conditions surrounding the opening of your franchised unit;

  • Restrictions on transfer;

  • Default/termination provisions;

  • Requirements to refurbish/renovate the location;

  • Venue and choice of law provisions with respect to dispute resolution.


We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of our insights and conclusions, along with any necessary modifications to ensure your agreement meets the standards set by franchisers.

We can also assist in negotiating these changes if purchasing an existing franchise business. We will review (or prepare) the purchase agreement and other necessary documents, negotiate the appropriate modifications and work with you through and after the closing.

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If you are in the US or planning to come to the US and would like to schedule a consultation, let's connect.

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