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It’s always best to be prepared. Make tough times easier on your family by setting up advance directives. In an emergency, assign your own guardian.


When an individual no longer has the mental capacity to manage his or her financial affairs and property or to make personal decisions relating to health care and residence, guardianship may be necessary. A guardianship may also be necessary if there are concerns that someone is being financially exploited or physically abused.

Guardianship is the legal process of petitioning the court to appoint a guardian to make decisions on behalf of the alleged incapacitated person (AIP). 


Once appointed, the guardian stands in the shoes of the individual and is in charge of making personal decisions for the individual and/or decisions about his/her property. 


The process begins with a court proceeding brought by a petitioner who may be concerned about an elderly relative, friend or neighbor who doesn't appear to be caring for himself or herself properly. The petitioner may want to be the guardian of the person they are concerned about, or the petitioner may want to have a professional guardian appointed.


We’re committed to helping make the best choice by providing the compassion, care, and dedication you deserve.


With a guardian, you can renounce worry and trust that someone is securing your well-being and wishes. Your loved ones can relax knowing that you’re safe. The court will also provide oversight to ensure your comfort.


Having a strong support system always generates happiness, especially when you need help making decisions to enhance your quality of life. It also helps protect you from scammers and those who will try to neglect your rights.


If you don’t choose a guardian or power of attorney in advance, the court will choose a reliable option for you, but it’s better to pick your own. It will ensure your independence for longer and give you the freedom to live the way you want.

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