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Compassionate Last Will and Testament Estate Planning Services

We can help you draft a last will and testament that leaves you feeling confident and secure. 

Anyone over 18 with personal assets should have a last will and testament. Moreover, anyone with loved ones should execute a will. Your testament details your wishes regarding young (minor) children, relatives, and pets under your care. It can even specify your funeral arrangements and service.

A person drafts a last will and testament to state in writing, the persons or charities that will receive his or her assets after death. There are many reasons to create a last will and testament, but the most obvious is to ease the burden on family and friends after you pass away. Your last will and testament officially notify all parties of how you want your estate assets distributed and to whom.

As the testator (the person drafting the will), you choose someone to oversee the estate after you are deceased, known as the executor. He or she is responsible for managing and disbursing your assets in accordance with your last will and testament and must act in the best interest of the estate when making decisions that affect those assets.

Your last will and testament allows you to have the final say in these decisions. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the drafting and execution of this critical document.


With Buschkin Law Firm on your side, there will be no need to worry. We’ll help you draft a last will and testament that completely attests to your wishes. Alongside estate planning, we also focus on long-term care planning and probate/trust administration. 

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