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The Power Of Experienced Litigators

In matters of real estate litigation and title insurance claims, having well-informed, experienced real estate attorneys at your side gives you a distinct advantage. Buschkin Law Firm has substantial experience in every facet of real estate litigation, title insurance claims, and title defence litigation.


Buschkin Law Firm understands real estate law and the intricacies of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Whether the solution to a dispute lies inside or outside the courtroom, we work diligently to advocate our client’s position and reduce their exposure. When litigation is unavoidable, we are by your side ready to bring our legal knowledge and expertise to bear, finding the solution that is best for you.


Real estate litigation generally refers to any dispute arising from a real property interest. We advise and represent clients on all aspects of real estate litigation and contractual disputes and help clients evaluate the legal and business issues that impact real estate contracts. We have a great deal of experience in handling diverse and complex litigation and contractual disputes, and in achieving successful outcomes.

General Real Estate Practice

Buschkin Law Firm has technical skills and, equally important, a practical orientation regarding business advice, the structuring of transactions and contract negotiations. Our experience relates to a broad spectrum of real estate asset types, including equity, debt and leasehold interests, and various property types, including office, multi-family, condominiums, shopping centers, hotels, hospital and health care facilities, storage facilities, industrial and warehouse properties and mixed-use developments.


We can help you in commercial and residential development, joint venture transactions, sales, acquisitions, construction and permanent financings, "big box" leasing and commercial office and retail leasing transactions. We also can help you with workouts, loan restructurings and asset acquisitions on behalf of lenders and borrowers, and in matters involving condominiums and cooperative housing corporations.

During times of market uncertainty and legislative change, the real estate sector offers significant opportunities for companies that can target and manage potential risks. Strategic legal counsel based on a clear-eye assessment of market realities can help owners, developers, and investors reap the rewards of a volatile market.


Buschkin Law Firm provides comprehensive and fully integrated services, we advise on the full range of sophisticated real estate transactions and construction projects, with a strong focus on portfolio transactions, complex and alternative financings, large-scale development and redevelopment projects, and high-stakes dispute resolution.


We offer cogent counsel on all aspects of real estate transactions, from acquisitions and financings to leasing and sales, and help clients navigate and comply with shifting environmental regulations. In addition, should a dispute arise, we vigorously litigate on our clients’ behalf.

New York and New Jersey Residential Real Estate Attorney

Real estate is an integral part of the economy in the New York Metro Area, there is a lot at stake in real estate transactions throughout New York and New Jersey. Our clients trust our services and rely on us to protect them at every stage of a transaction.


If you plan to buy or sell a home or property in NYC or surrounding areas anytime soon, you will want to work with an experienced new York and New Jersey residential real estate lawyer. Hiring an attorney who specializes in New York and New Jersey real estate can protect your rights, make the process easier by ensuring that all contracts and documents meet legal requirements, and identify any potential problems with the agreement to prevent future legal complications.


Buschkin Law Firm can help you in the following ways:


  • We help you review and prepare all information related to your purchase. This involves interpreting real estate laws, regulations, and policies, as well as developing specific contracts and agreements.

  • When buying or selling real estate, you will come across a lot of new information, and some of it may be confusing. A lawyer can help you understand the language of the real estate world, facilitate the transfer of titles and funds, ensure you meet your contractual agreements, and prevent you from facing surprises at closing.

  • In addition to being knowledgeable about the real estate industry, Buschkin Law Firm can also help you feel secure in your specific investment. By entering a deal with legal representation, you’ll have a knowledgeable, skilled advocate who can identify any risks associated with this acquisition, protect your interests, and deliver the best possible outcome in your case.


Buschkin Law Firm is not only valuable for our legal knowledge but also our negotiation skills, in and outside of the courtroom, we can help you during the deal-making process ensure you achieve a contract that minimizes risk and maximizes reward.

What we offer

Buschkin Law Firm handles complex and challenging matters for a wide array of clients, such as the owners, developers and financiers of the largest real estate projects, both in the private and public sectors.


We are skilled in a broad spectrum of transactions that includes:


  • Real estate finance

  • Development

  • Sales and acquisitions

  • Land use and environmental matters

  • Leasing

  • Distressed asset workouts

  • Real estate matters may require a range of services and present varied challenges.

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