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With our help, you'll be able to find the perfect location for your business. We are an expert team that can easily analyze and negotiate any lease or sublet agreement. We will make you aware of clauses that can cost you money over the term of your lease; tax clauses, common area maintenance clauses, percentage increases, and percentage overage clauses. We will advise you of the ramifications of these provisions and help you negotiate them.

We will ensure that your right to assign or sublet is not overly restrictive. What about lease guarantees and “good guy” guarantees? We can help you protect yourself in these areas. We will help you negotiate your “work letter,” your construction contract, and your construction (or acquisition) financing loan agreement. Dollars count. Let us help you to save them.

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If you are in the US or planning to come to the US and would like to schedule a consultation, let's connect.

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