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Relationships Among Principals

Which entity works for your business? S Corporation, C Corporation, Limited Partnership, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Not-For-Profit Corporation? We will help you and your accountant make this decision and we will form your entity for you.

You should have an agreement among yourselves to ensure that all of the issues are covered in order for you or any partner/shareholders who wish so be able represent themselves properly during matters at court. Issues covered in the agreement can be:


  • How are decisions made?

  • How will money be invested?

  • What happens if one of the principals wants to sell his or her interest in the business

  • What happens if a principal becomes disabled, or dies; how will his or her interest in the business be dealt with?

You may be in need of our help to understand these and other issues. We're here for you with any task that requires discussion or negotiation.

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