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Whether taking a proactive role in helping clients to prevent future disputes, representing members of an organization in a corporate dissolution, or handling complex business litigation in a state or federal court – Buschkin Law Firm prides itself on providing clients with uncompromising advocacy and respected professionalism in all aspects of legal representation.


If you are looking to buy a franchise, then caution should be exercised before leaping into the opportunity so as to avoid potential risks. Understand the commitment you are undertaking and your rights and obligations as a franchisee. Buschkin Law Firm can help in all aspects of franchise law.


If you are a potential franchisee, your business documents are key. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that they are valid, comprehensive and fair before you make a purchase decision. At Buschkin Law Firm, through meticulous contract review and negotiation, we will work to protect your interests.


The trademark is the cornerstone of what you are buying with a franchise investment. Our Firm will check that the trademark is a live, valid, federally registered trademark. This process involves checking state records to ensure there will be no trademark infringement claim brought against you.


We will also learn about the background of the people and company along with the franchisor’s litigation and bankruptcy disclosures, among other records. In addition, we will review the terms of the franchise agreement and explain the franchisor’s obligations to the franchisees and vice versa.


At Buschkin Law Firm, we are prepared to put our experience and insight to work for you as you enter into the world of franchise ownership. Franchise law encompasses rules and regulations at both the state and federal levels. It is essential to have someone on your side who understands this complex network and the impact these laws may have on your business venture.


When you come to us, we will provide comprehensive, personalized representation at every stage of the process. This includes setting up your legal entity for you and helping negotiate the commercial lease for your business.

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