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We can assist you with drafting a Will and help your family to safeguard the interests of your beneficiaries during the probate process. 



  • Draft and maintain a Will that provides clear instructions on the disposition of your property

  • Navigate through the maze of inheritance and intestacy laws

A Will is the most basic instrument a person can use to bequeath property to her or his heirs. While state laws provide default rules for the disposition of an estate, it is often the case that those rules do not meet people’s requirements because they do not account for their individual circumstances. 


A properly drafted Will can become a useful tool, but, like any other part of your estate plan, it requires special attention to individual circumstances specific to you and your family, and continuous maintenance because circumstances do change.


You can trust Buschkin Law Firm to steer you through the complexities of inheritance laws, including intestate succession laws. We can assist you with drafting a Will and handle the probate process in court with your loved ones when the unfortunate time comes for the disposition of your assets. 


Even with a Will, the probate process may be stressful and burdensome for a grieving family, and having an experienced attorney by their side can alleviate the burden and provide peace of mind during the trying time of mourning.

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